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High Voltage Substation Service Solutions


VRT Power Ltd., founded in 1949 as ELCO, is a leading global service company for H.V. equipment (distribution transformers, power transformers, and mobile substations).


Over 1,500 power transformers, 45 mobile substations and thousands of distribution transformers manufactured by VRT Power have been supplied to some of the largest generation and distribution companies in the world including Xcel Energy, Con Edison, Hydro One, as well as to the Israel Electric Company and private and public companies including Dead Sea Works, Mekorot Water Company, Nesher Israeli cement factories.

Transformer repair and maintenance services

Our team includes engineers, strategic procurement, operations, and technicians with hundreds of years of combined field experience.


Our company has the original technical archive that includes shop drawings, test reports (FAT), parts list (BOM), parts and assembly drawings, engineering specification, definitions of assemblies and items, sources of supply, specifications, and factory production history.


We provide periodic maintenance and inspection services according to manufacturer specifications, including mechanical and electrical repairs, replacement of assemblies and oil treatment.

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Testing and diagnostics on-site services (SAT)

Extensive experience in testing distribution transformers and power transformers up to 650MVA 500KV, mechanical and protection tests.

All tests are done according to standard IEC 60076, IEEE Std. C57.12 and CAN/CSA-C88-M90.


Our company provide on-site inspection tests (SAT) and diagnostic analysis to determine faults, errors or suitability and serviceability of electrical equipment   and systems, comparison and analysis with factory test and provide a detailed inspection report.

  • Visual inspection: signs of increased heating, analysis of leaks including SF6

  • Inspection of the control cabinet and protections

  • Measurement of winding resistance

  • Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement

  • Measurement of insulation resistance and determine Polarization index

  • Measurement of insulation resistance core of the transformer

  • Measurement of dissipation factor (tanδ) of insulation system capacitances

  • Measure charging current, dielectric loss and capacitance

  • Bushing test - Visual inspection, insulator integrity, leakage, tanδ and capacitance

  • Sweep-frequency response analysis (SFRA)

  • Oil test

  • Fiber optics

VRT’s Leak Center

Leak Center is a specialist service provider to the power generation and distribution industry with significant expertise in providing a comprehensive range of innovative and proven leak sealing solutions for transformers and associated equipment. A unique transformer oil and SF6 leak sealing service significantly reducing outage time and cost.


Our company specializes in various types of leaks from the following assemblies:

  • Conservator

  • Man, and hand holes

  • Wiring Box

  • Expansion joints

  • Distribution transformers

  • Welding

  • Temperature gauges

  • Oil level gauges

  • Radiator fins and headers

  • Bushings

  • Tap changer

  • Flanges

  • Cover - Tank

  • Turrets

  • CT boards or junction blocks

  • Valves

  • Pump flanges

  • SF6

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Our Services
Technologies to eliminate oil and SF6 leakage
  • Drilled and Injected: restoration of gasket by injection of specially developed sealing compound

  • Clamp or Mold: restoration of leaking subassembly by using a specially designed clamp or mold which is then injected with the sealing compound

  • Sealing with polymeric material

  • Welding

  • Re gasketing

Consulting, supervision, and engineering services for production, installation and upgrading of transformers

Our team includes some of the world’s leading engineers in the field, with extensive experience in the design, production and installation of transformers and mobile substations.

In-depth familiarity with transformer standards including ANSI / IEEE / IEC.


We provide a complete range of quality assurance / quality control services in transformer plants at all stages of the production and testing process.

We provide transformer design and manufacturing consultancy services:

  • Engineering services

  • Operational services

  • Managerial services

  • Consulting in planning and upgrading transformer factories (voltages and powers) up to 700 MVA, 400 kV


We can assist in planning modifications and upgrades to high voltage systems.

Supporting customers and providing an engineering solution and managing projects in the field.


Engineering consulting services providing root cause analysis of failures, risk analysis and guidance on repair processes.

Spare parts and technical information

Our company retains a spare parts warehouse that includes a broad range of raw materials and accessories for the transformer as well as gaskets.


We can locate and define items and assemblies for old transformers made by VRT POWER (ELCO) with the help of an original technical database that includes shop drawings, material specifications and the original ‘bills of materials’.


We provide after-sales service of MR Tap-Changers, its accessories and various transformer components.

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